~!!ohMaiii status?!!~

~ IM in my room and so lazy....(1504pm,230211)

~im so drop dead depressed!!after 3 hours downloading new movie,i cant open it!ohmaiii!!damn betul la!!!(0423am,030211)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

OhMaaiii!!~~This Past Few Days~~

waaaaaaa!!!!so sad!!!im soo sooo sooo damn sad!!~~This past few days i became very vvery lazy woor......seriously very lazy....I skipped my lectures, i didn't go to lab doing my FYP[ Final year project!!],i didn't jogging like i used to, n update my bloggy....i didn't do that,i didn't do this,i didn't, I didn't and I DIDN"T DO ANYTHING USEFUL!!!!!!!!OHMAAIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~what have i done?..What must i do?........aiisshh!!seriously i don't know what's going on with me this past few days.....i just eat and sleep...eat and sleep...now i just like a lazy fat sluggish slow bimbo!!!!!!!!how can i become so malas eh..aiyoo......i dont even study for my coming exam.....Bodoh la you Lazy thing!!!Go away la Lazy!!shuuh shuuhh!!!go away!!!!!i hate you lazy!!!!!!LAZY LAZY BAD THINGS WORH!!!!SHUUUHH!!!SHUUUHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Today i went for an interview for the freelens freelance speaker position for the TROPICANA TWISTER( you know the orange juice with some fresh juicy pulp in it,Wow!!!soo refreshing!!!!~~)..kishi shi~~~the interview was held at damansara utama.I went there with a car( of coz la, xkan jalan kakai kaki,lame-O la myself aite...).we went there in a group consist of 4 peoples; me ,my friend,my friend's boyfriend,and  my other friend..

Actually i just went to the interview to replace my other other friend since my other other friend's boyfriend didn't give her greenlight to work part time~So i become BIDAN TERJUN( the one that use to jump from the 11th floor of bangunan~~~just kidding, lame-O).../sigh...i went there without knowing anything.I even left my resume.....luckily they dont need my resume la...huhuhu~~

During the interview we need to give speech based on the printed slide show la,so all of us did well.but only me and my friend was chosen as the person who suitable to be the speaker but that doesn't mean my 2 other friend x blh kerja,we still get the job cuma gaji speaker lain la sikit~~heheheh~~~~but the gaji is enough la for me..x la bnyak sampai rm700,just ok ok je~~huhuhu~~~so maybe after  2 weeks we will start working.aha!!!how was our work?~~kishi shi,we need to go to primary school and promote those tropicana drinks la...Some sort of duta for tropicana la~uuuu,im a duta!!~~kishi shi~~~~~~~~~~~wish me luck ooo!! for this is my first part time job!!!OhMaaaiii!!~~~~

p/s: Adik adik leng lui~~Leng chai lai lai!~~come come buy tropicana twister~~~lai lai!!~~~~~~later can twist in class leh~~~~~~~kaya dgn vitamin c!!~~twist twist!!~

Friday, February 4, 2011

~OH MAiiii!!!!Cockroaches!!~~

Once upon a time,in a mall( the name of the mall must be private,gatal betul), me and my friends went out, saje jalan-jalan cari makan meh,so we singgah la this  kedai baju ( un-popular one leh), so we usha-usha those sweaters hang on the wall of the shop.Since it was chinese new year so got sale la,,70%,50% OHMAIIIII!!!!~~mmng gila la that sale! those sweater pun cantik cantik and very the nice leh, and branded~~So one of my friend already chose his sweater la,white one,very nice and stylo.I dont buy any because i got plenty of sweaters already( im a sweaters-obsessed person), so after finish pilih our stuffs we went to counter to pay,when the cahsier cashier(women) want to scan the barcode, suddenly!!! KYAAAAA!!!!!~~~~she throw the baju and run away from the counter hiding in a closet( ni adalah bohong semata2,dia tak lari masuk lam closet pun), then we saw a lipas playing happily on the sweater..then the lipas run away..ohmaiiiii.....

A: OhmaiiGosh!!!lipas dlm sweater aku!!

B: so,nak lagi tak sweater tuh?......

A: dont want leh,lipas invade it already,my sweater not virgin anymore......poor sweater....

B: not koyak pun,still ok la, go and pay la...

A : change another one leh...aiyoo...this kedai also got lipas meh.../sigh, i tot only kedai makan got lipas..

Ohmaiii: Lipas also want to celebrate CNY meh..got diskaun mesti la dtg....

so we change the sweater and paid for it,,,before that we checked whether theres whole family of lipas in the new one..luckily,no lipas at all..and we dont know where the cashier went,because new person replace the cashier when we went to the counter....and this lipas suddenly remind me about my story,so i just make a comic strip la,then you guys can look la..ok..kishi shi~~~.

p/s: lame comic-O......dui bu chi~

Monday, January 31, 2011

!OH Maiiii!!!~~

Oh maiiiii!~~!oh maiiii!!Ohh maii~!!
 now i have a new bleg blog leh~sekarang blh lah nk berblog again..nguahahahahaha!!!~
~ekcelli dulu i already had a blog  but that blog was so lame-O....(=_=)....
everythintg lame-O even me.....aigooo~~tp sekarang i come with new things to share with you guys~
hOpefully i can always update my blog..oh maiiii!~~~*pengsan~(my blog will be a dwi-bahasa one leh~)can ar?~can aite?~nguhuhu~~
*broken english la me..../sigh..*